Sunday, September 23, 2012

The Breakfast Club...

Today I had breakfast with some good friends at the lovely Cafe Jelinek. Unbelieveably, I've been living only 10 minutes from there for over 25 years and never been there until about 3 weeks ago. They have awesome breakfast, a funny waiter and a charming old-fashioned interior. Plus it's only 2 minutes from where my grandfather lives so that made the Sunday visit at his place even more convenient...

Our conversation took the usual rambling-mode within minutes and I spent the better part of the morning laughing so hard that I could hardly eat... Topic number one: baby talk. Reason for that: presence(s) of my best friend Angelika, 9 months pregnant and now 3 days overdue and slightly annyoed with this ^_^ At this state you obviously can't do much but the (unborn) baby demands proper breakfast after all! Also, our friend Silvia brought her super-cute 4-week-old baby-girl Anna who behaved so well but entertained us by making funny faces in her sleep... Our jokes probably disqualified the rest of us as possible future babysitters... haha.

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