Thursday, September 30, 2010

Feeling of the Day...

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Most human beings have an almost infinite capacity 
for taking things for granted.  
~ Aldous Huxley ~

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Feeling of the Day...

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Reality leaves a lot to the imagination.  
~ John Lennon ~

Nivea Tour 2010

A group picture of this year's Nivea Familienfest Crew. Taken at Neufelder See, Austria (August 2010). Copyright © Melanie Steiner.

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One Day at the Nivea Familienfest (2008)

 Schnatterschnute auf Nivea Tour
This little film was made by my friend Melanie during the Nivea Familienfest Tour in 2008. Features the various attractions on the tour and most of us "entertainers"... I'm shown in the video at around 2:34...

Music: Mika - Happy Ending (official farewell song of the tour)

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Sound Garden...

King Arthur

I've just been listening to that awesome piece of music again. All of Hans Zimmer's works are fantastic but this one is especially felicitous. It's so sad but still so amazingly touching and beautiful. One of my all-time favourites.

Listen to samples via!
Listen to "All of them" via YouTube!

Erstsemestrigen-Tutoriums-Seminar 2010

It's been 2 weeks already but I finally managed to edit my pictures from this year's Slawistik Erstsemestrigen Tutoriums Seminar (seminar for tutorial classes for first semester students in Slavic studies) in Ernsthofen (Austria). Just wanted to share some of our lovely group pictures...

 this year's tutors trying to build a shamrock with their feet

showing off our flexibility... or maybe not...

at the train station

making music at the train station on the way home

Tamara playing the guitar

 whole group with our trainers

 close up

 me & Nici

 Nici being sporty

 secret "star" of our seminar... got everyone distracted

 outdoor session

 we're gonna build the Leonardo bridge

self-made women

 we're strong! hehe

everyone working together

quite an experience

 the bridge is finished!

Feeling of the Day...

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Sisters never quite forgive each other 
for what happened when they were five. 
 ~ Pam Brown  ~

Monday, September 27, 2010

On the Big Screen...

Onegin (1999)

From Aleksandr Pushkin's timeless masterpiece of love and obsession... Евгений Онегин / Eugene  Onegin. I'm just reading the original poem, a brilliant work. Beauttiful story, beautifully told. It's the German version this time since the Russian one would still be a little difficult for me and very time comsuming. Nothing bad about that but I need to read this one and several others for an exam about Russian Literature and need to be done in time. I love Pushkin's original works though, they are so beautiful and melodic to read in Russian... Carrying so much emotion. (And I didn't know that Vladimir Nabokov did the English translation...)

I've got myself the movie on DVD already but want to finish the Book/poem first - as I always do with films based on literature. Especially with something so big...

En Vogue...

Kahlography: Frida Kahlo Fashion Line
Production: Barbara Zach /
Photos: Koray Birand /

While Frida Kahlo and her art work are recognised and appreciated in an impressive retrospective at the Bank Austria Kunstforum in Vienna [read blog post Frida Kahlo in Vienna], the #26 issue of Die Presse Schaufenster (weekly Friday supplement of  Austrian newspaper Die Presse) honours her unique style in a beautiful fashion line. 

Feeling of the Day...

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Sleep is a symptom of caffeine deprivation.  
~ Author Unknown  ~

Sunday, September 26, 2010

On the Big Screen...

The Countess

The Countess is a French-German 2009 film about Elizabeth Báthory, a 17th century Hungarian countess who embarks on a murderous undertaking, with the belief that bathing in the blood of virgins will preserve her beauty. It is the third directorial effort by Julie Delpy, who also stars as Bathory. Delpy has said, of the project, that "it sounds like a gothic [story] but it's more a drama. It's more focusing on the psychology of human beings when they're given power."

Okay, so I admit I kinda emptied the DVD shelf where it said "Daniel Brühl". It all started with this film, though. I missed it while it was still playing in cinemas so I tried to find it at the Vienna City Library which usually has a very wide range of not only books but also films. Especially those not-so-mainstream-like films I love to see. I couldn't quite find "The Countess" though (not even under the German title) so I typed in the name of Daniel Brühl. I was quite surprised about all the movies he's been in - and which were available at the library as well. There are some real "jewels" among them... Since TV doesn't really offer anything (all my favourite TV Shows - and there are not many anyway) are still or just went on a break between seasons... I'm now well looked after!

As for the movie, I really liked it. I have this thing for history and costume films anyway... Not to mention the "beautiful" (meaning old and historical) scenery. The story is quite interesting - I think I'll do a little research on the subject when my exams are over...

Feeling of the Day...

I am learning all the time. 
The tombstone will be my diploma.  
~ Eartha Kitt ~

Feeling of the Day...

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When women are depressed, they eat or go shopping. 
Man invade another country. 
It's a whole different way of thinking. 
~ Elayne Boolser ~

On the Big Sreen...

Die Fetten Jahre sind vorbei

I know this is kinda old already but I finally managed to watch it last night on DVD! Absolutely loved it. With its simple shots in hand camera style it's kinda unnerving sometimes but the story and the actors are just too good. Oh, and the DVD Extras are really worht seeing - I always love the deleted scenes or blooper reels...

On the Big Sreen...

Iи Traиzit

Just watched this one... the trailer was kinda "promising" but I'm not sure what to make of the whole movie now. Not bad but... not sure... and I always find open ends a little... strange... (except maybe for something like "Inception"...)

Friday, September 24, 2010

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Feeling of the Day...

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The best way to cheer yourself up is 
to try to cheer somebody else up.  
~ Mark Twain ~

Monday, September 20, 2010

Le Inspiration....

Looking for inspiration on how to design your bathroom?! Maybe you'll get some ideas from these awesome images...  Aren't they all beautiful? What would it be like to brush your teeth or take a bath in any of them?

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On the Big Screen...

Due Date Trailer with Robert Downey Jr. and Zach Galifianakis

OMG! So gonna see this!

From director Todd Phillips, "Due Date" stars Robert Downey Jr. and Zach Galifianakis as two unlikely companions who are thrown together on a road trip that turns out to be as life-changing as it is outrageous.  Downey plays Peter Highman, an expectant first-time father whose wife’s due date is a mere five days away.  As Peter hurries to catch a flight home from Atlanta to be at her side for the birth, his best intentions go completely awry when a chance encounter with aspiring actor Ethan Tremblay (Galifianakis) forces Peter to hitch a ride with Ethan on what turns out to be a cross-country road trip that will ultimately destroy several cars, numerous friendships and Peter’s last nerve.

Todd Phillips directs from a screenplay by Alan R. Cohen & Alan Freedland and Adam Sztykiel & Todd Phillips, from a story by Cohen & Freedland.  "Due Date" also stars Michelle Monaghan ("Made of Honor"), Oscar® nominee Juliette Lewis ("Cape Fear," "Whip It") and Academy Award® winner Jamie Foxx ("Ray").  The film is being produced by Phillips and Dan Goldberg, who previously collaborated on "The Hangover."  Scott Budnick, Thomas Tull and Susan Downey are serving as executive producers on the film.

The behind-the-scenes creative team from "The Hangover" returns, including director of photography Lawrence Sher, production designer Bill Brzeski, editor Debra Neil-Fisher and costume designer Louise Mingenbach.

Feeling of the Day...

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Summer is the time when one sheds one's tensions 
with one's clothes, and the right kind of day is jeweled 
balm for the battered spirit.  A few of those days and you 
can become drunk with the belief that all's right with the world. 
~ Ada Louise Huxtable ~

Les Adorables...

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Meet & Greet with Daniel Brühl in Tirol/Austria
More than 5.000 people tried their luck - 14 of them were rewarded: The met Daniel Brühl on September 4, 2010 in Tirol (Austria) and were part of a hiking tour through the Tyrolian Alps and a relaxed afternoon in an alpine hut. Sponsored by Tirol Tourism (Media Service).

Picture Gallery

Why do I always only learn about things like that when it's over already???!!! I mean, that's my country, one of my favourite actors and I love hiking and the mountains... *sigh*

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Quality Time...

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Health is a relationship between you and your body.  
~ Terri Guillemets  ~

Came home today in the afternoon from a 4 day tutorial class. It's been very informative and we all had a great time but there's nothing like coming home and taking a hot bath in your own bath tub (especially when the outside temperature is more like November...) And then off to bed!

On the Big Screen...

Lila, Lila

Heute ist bei mir wohl Daniel Brühl Tag! Dabei war ich nur 10 Minuten auf YouTube...

Eine romantische Komödie nach dem gleichnamigen Bestsellerroman von Martin Suter mit Daniel Brühl, Hannah Herzsprung und Henry Hübchen in den Hauptrollen.

Der Erstlingsroman „Lila, Lila von David Kern (Daniel Brühl) stürmt die Bestsellerlisten. Dumm nur: David ist nicht der Autor dieser tragischen, in den 50er Jahren angesiedelten Liebesgeschichte. Der unscheinbare Kellner hat das Manuskript in einem Nachttisch vom Trödler gefunden und gibt den Text, um die schöne Marie (Hannah Herzsprung) zu erobern, als den seinen aus. Die beiden werden ein Paar, die Medien reißen sich um David und das Unheil nimmt seinen Lauf, als bei einer Autogrammstunde plötzlich Jacky (Henry Hübchen), ein abgehalfterter Herumtreiber, vor ihm steht, der sich als Autor von „Lila, Lila zu erkennen gibt ...

Regie: Alain Gsponer 
Drehbuch: Alex Buresch 
Buchvorlage: Martin Suter 
Koproduzent: Millbrook Pictures 
Darsteller: Daniel Brühl, Hannah Herzsprung, Henry Hübchen, Kirsten Block, Alexander Khuon, Godehard Giese, Stefan Ruppe, Henriette Müller, Simon Eckert

On the Big Screen...

EVA La película.

From Nazi Sniper To Robot Engineer, Daniel Bruhl Stars In EVA
When German star Daniel Bruhl last crossed our radar it was as Nazi sniper Fredrik Zoller in Quentin Tarantino's Inglourious Basterds. When we see him next it will be in an entirely different context, as a near-future engineer trying to build a robot child in the Spanish production Eva.  Here's the official synopsis:

The Year 2041.

Alex, a renowned cybernetic engineer returns to Santa Irene to carry out a very specific mission for the Robotic Faculty: the creation of a child robot. During the ten years he has been away from there, life has moved on for his brother David and for Lana, who after his departure, got her life back together.

By coincidence Alex's routine is altered in an unexpected way by Eva, who is Lana and David's amazing daughter. She is a very special, charismatic little girl. She and Alex have a special connection from the first time they meet.

They set out on a journey together, which will bring to them an revealing end.

EVA tells the story of a return, a reencounter and a loss.

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On the Big Screen

Die kommenden Tage Trailer

The film's action focuses on the passage of a middle-class family in Berlin from the present to a thoroughly realistic, near future, a time of instability and big changes. Laura Kuper (Bernadette Heerwagen) must decide at the end of her studies between her desire for children and Hans (Daniel Brühl), the great love of her life. Her sister Cecilia (Johanna Wokalek), meanwhile, is driven by her unrequited love for Konstantin (August Diehl) into the blackest depths of a newly emerging terrorism, and Philip, the youngest member of the family, sets off into a hopeless war for the last oilfields in Asia...

Director: Lars Kraume
Writers: Lars Kraume (screenplay), Alex Ross (script translator), Richard Shakocius (script translator)
Country: Germany
Language: German
Release Date: November 4, 2010 (Germany)
Production Co: Badlands Company
Runtime: 125 min

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Sounds interesting and I'm thinking about seeing that one...


Yay! Es ist wieder Zeit für's Erstsemestrigen-Tutorium! Aus diesem Anlass habe ich mal wieder PSUEKOVOSELV ausgegraben... Es ist einfach immer wieder so lustig!

Feeling of the Day...

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There are no facts, only interpretations.  
~ Friedrich Nietzsche ~

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