Monday, September 27, 2010

On the Big Screen...

Onegin (1999)

From Aleksandr Pushkin's timeless masterpiece of love and obsession... Евгений Онегин / Eugene  Onegin. I'm just reading the original poem, a brilliant work. Beauttiful story, beautifully told. It's the German version this time since the Russian one would still be a little difficult for me and very time comsuming. Nothing bad about that but I need to read this one and several others for an exam about Russian Literature and need to be done in time. I love Pushkin's original works though, they are so beautiful and melodic to read in Russian... Carrying so much emotion. (And I didn't know that Vladimir Nabokov did the English translation...)

I've got myself the movie on DVD already but want to finish the Book/poem first - as I always do with films based on literature. Especially with something so big...

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