Saturday, September 22, 2012

La Cuisine... Sweet Pepper & Ham Spread

Today I just had quick dinner with some leftovers from today's brunch (which is also the reason why I simply couldn't eat much anymore...). This spread was my first try and it turned out very easily and very tasty.

Sweet Pepper & Ham Spread

approx. 10 slices of bread
1 sweet pepper
2 cloves of garlic
160g turkey ham
150g butter, room temperature
250g sour cream
250g low-fat curd cheese
1T herbs (parsley, chives, cress, dill)

1. Peel garlic cloves. Wash pepper. Dice both of them together with the ham (and 1T capers, if you like them).
2. Stir butter until creamy. Add in sour cream and curd cheese. Add all other ingredients and season to taste with herbs and spices.
3. Goes with almost any kind of bread but I prefer fresh crusty bread. As topping you can use green asparagus, capers or  and/or cress. Or you can add extra ham... Just as you like it best.

Bon appetit!

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