Sunday, November 3, 2013

On the Big Screen...

I admit that I've always loved the so-called costume films - especially those with a real historical background. I also have to confess that I know very little about Danish history... I simply decided to watch this movie because the synopsis sounded interesting and, even more, because I love Mads Mikkelsen. Such a great actor. Never seen him in a romantic part before but he did an amazing job here, as usual. But the whole case here was simply brilliant and very convincing. Though it was a little hard to read subtitles throughout the whole film (I'd rather watch Danish OV then German subbed versions) I simply loved it. Being the cry-easy type of person (with movies only, strangely, not in real life!) I had to use a whole package of Kleenex near the end but it was so worth it...  Also, knowing both German and English, I got quite some of the Danish in the movie without reading the subtitles. Still sounds pretty funny to me (no offence to any Danish fellows!) but also a little familiar...
Highly recommend it to everyone. Not only a good history lesson but I recently learned that there are so many great European movies that never really made into the cinemas in Austria or overseas but so worth seeing them!

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