Sunday, October 20, 2013

On the Big Screen...

Definitely very high up on my TO-DO List... Not only about an Austrian sports legend, but also with one of my favourite actors and from a great director!

EDIT: Saw it. Loved it. Go see it. And watch the OV! After reading about all the work Brühl had to do to really sound like Niki Lauda, I wanted to see (hear) it in person. All I can say is... WOW! What a great job done! Not only did they make him look like Lauda (I never really knew what Lauda looked like before his accident but I saw some pictures and my mom said the resemblance was amazing) but also had him talk EXACTLY like him. Just to be fair, the rest of the cast was amazing too. Hemsworth as James Hunt was a fantastic choice. They really worked out the rivalry very well, but even more they portrayed them excellently as individuals and also in their "relationship"... And do I really have to mention the music by Hans Zimmer?! Not really, I guess. But no good movie without a perfect soundtrack. Even if you're not into Formula 1 or any of the people in this movie, still go and watch it. I don't like this sport much and never cared so much about the Lauda legend after all - the main reasons to go were Daniel Brühl and Ron Howard in my case - but even without all that it's great entertainment!

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