Saturday, March 31, 2012

TV Junkie...

A New Beginning...

My latest addiction... The Good Wife. I came across it by chance... It was on Tv right before Drop Dead Diva which I really love and so I watched one episode (somewhere in the middle of Season 2) and really liked it. I also came across some familiar faces like Juliana Margulies (from E.R.) and Matt Czuchry (from Gilmore Girls) as well as Chris Noth (from SatC - although I never really liked that). I've always liked  TV series about lawyers, whether it was serious as in The Practice or funny as in Ally McBeal... So I had a lot to catch up and now that I'm almost through with the first two seasons, I'm really looking forward to the third. (Yeah I know I'm way behind but as usual everything starts much later over here so...) Some nice entertainment and drama ahead of me for the Easter break!

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