Saturday, January 14, 2012

On the Big Screen...

Last night I finally managed to watch this incredible movie. I had it at home for some weeks already but somehow never had the time to watch it - or didn't feel like doing so. I had some high expectations on that one so... I was in a bit of a melancholy mood yesterday and thought this might cheer me up (and at the same time satisfy my need for some drama and tears...)! It's such a feel-good movie. When it's over, actually. And Sandra Bullock was amazing, indeed. I was crying thoughout the first hour... Okay, I'm always crying at movies. (At most of them, anyway. Maybe because I like drama and sad stories without happy endings much better than comedies.) It was just so sad when he was walking around all alone, having nowhere to go and noone to talk to. But I really felt happy after seeing it because it's so nice and warm and touching... Some may think it gets kitschy in the end... I still like it. (And I'm not so into the Happy-Family-Movies at all...)

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