Sunday, August 14, 2011

On the Big Screen...

Been at the cinema yesterday, here in St. Petersburg (the Avrora movie theatre on the Nevsky Prospect) and saw a Russian classic. In Russian of course. It was amazing. And I got most of it...haha. It's been ages ever since I read that book but it definitely helped understanding the story. I'm so proud of my language skills right now. ^_^ And the cinema itself was really cool. A great hall - like for ball room dancing - with single armchairs to sit in and a bar in the back. Very fancy! But at a regular price. Loved it!


  1. I do envy your language skills! It must be great to visit many countries without a phrase book. I so admire you!
    Love the film clip :)

  2. Yeah it definitely helps, especially in Russia. I love the language. And I was so proud that I got most of the film - but as I said, it really helped having read the book.


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