Friday, June 17, 2011

Sound Garden...

I was at my parents' place for lunch today. On the living room table I found my dad's latest musical accquisitions... He actually has a great taste in music. And he actually still buys CDs - while I happily use his credit card to download from iTunes Store...

(And my parents still have all their records at home. While my dad has the complete collection of Doctor Who and the likes, my mom owns a pretty remarkable collection of Tchaikovsky and Beethoven (who happen to be my favourites as well... I wonder if that's because I was listening to them throughout all my childhood). They usually do not listen to music together (not without a major fight about turning the volume up or down) although they have some common likes...)

Anyway I found this interesting album today. It's funny because I live in the Turkish area of Vienna now (16th district) which isn't quite so bad. Only I adapted some of their "language" already... meaning a kind of Viennese slang with Turkish-ly kind of pronounciation! I only use it for fun, though...

As for the music, it's instrumental only and kind of Turkish folklore... It won't make you jump up and dance, but it's quite relaxing to listen to. 

Son Köprü - The Last Bridge (Enstrümantal)
[ via amazon ]

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