Friday, June 17, 2011

So schmeckt Slowakisch 2011

Prezentácia pedagógov a študentov Inštitútu slavistiky Viedenskej univerzity "So schmeckt slowakisch II"

Yesterday we had a really cool event, organised by the Institut für Slawistik (where I study), Slovakisches Institut Wien and the Slovak Embassy in Vienna (Veľvyslanectvo Slovenskej republiky vo Viedni). We were invited to the home - and residence is much more suitable word in this context... really, you should have seen the house - of the Slovak Ambassador in Austria: Dr. Peter Lizak. The event was entitled "So schmeckt Slowakisch" (Taste of Slovakia / Tak chuti slovencina). They started it last year and it was huge success. So they did it again this year. Lucky me! I really enjoyed it!

First we did something like a little show. There were songs, poems, a short sketch (which I participated in) and a play based on the tale of "Red Riding Hood": Karkulka, alias Červená čiapočka a Mr. Wolf. In a modern version, in Slovak of course. So funny...

After that there was a huge buffet with typical Slovak food and refreshments and wine. We even got icecream later on. Overall it was a great evening. And a perfect opportunity to dress up! But my feet still hurt from standing around in my highheels all evening...

It also turned out the ambassador is fluent in Russian as well. I talked to him for a while. He started in Slovak which I understood quite well but I couldn't reply in Slovak because I can't put together one sentence... *shame on me* So out of habit I replied in Russian and then we continued to talk in Russian... Actually I could used German as well as he is fluent in that language, too... Never mind, though. It was good practice... At least I could say my Thank you's and Goodbye's in Slovak. That much I know... ^_^

And here are some pictures for you... (click here for more)

 me & "Mr. Wolf"

with some people from my Slovak class

Dreimäderlhaus: Emilia, me & Sylwia

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