Monday, August 30, 2010

Death & Chocolate....

I just finished watching Season 6 finale of "Grey's Anatomy" together with my sister. She actually was on her way out already to see her boyfriend when the first episode started. She never made it to the door ;-) We both sat there, banned. Not being able to move. (Okay, being a little overly dramatic here...) Hoping that none of our favourites would die... I had to wait for the commercial break before the second episode to go to the toilet... I'm just surprised that my sister was just as averted as I was - in fact I'm the TV show junkie in the family. Now I'm wondering if they just wanted to get rid of some of the newer characters... Maybe they were just sitting there, discussing how to write them out and someone said: "Let's kill them all!"...... ???

To calm down our nerves we opened a still sealed box of Merci pralines. I especially love the ones with hazel nuts. When I opened one of them it looked kinda strange... Expire date said: 01/2011. Then we discovered some kind of mini maggot in some of the other pralines... End of fun! I never had that before. It was kinda interesting... and disgusting. Will go complain in the food store tomorrow.

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