Monday, October 20, 2014

On the Big Screen...

I finally managed to watch PARADE'S END, an HBO/BBC drama mini series starring Benedict Cumberbatch (among others in an amazing cast) based on the same-called novel by Ford Madox Ford from 1924-28. Loved it. Constantly on the verge of tears, I have to confess. It's such a sad story most of the time (don't worry, there is a Happy Ending), also because it's mostly dealing with the effects of WW I on British society in general and certain characters in particular. It's beautifully written, the set décor is very apt, the music was great and then of course acting - brilliant! (Still no fan of blonde BC but it was suitable for the role!). There's drama and love and tragedy and costumes... What more do I need?! I know there's a lot of movies, documentaries, books etc. dealing with WW I this year since it's the 100 Year Anniversary (sadly enough).This has been a turning point in history, Austria included. That's basically what the series is about - how people struggled with the situation and how it changed them. Absolutely worth watching, I'd say!

I stole a few quotes on the book (but they work with the movie adaption as well) here that perfectly sum it up:

" no means a simple warning as to what modern warfare is like...[but] something complex and baffling [to many contemporary readers]. There was a love story with no passionate scenes; there were trenches but no battles; there was a tragedy without a denouement." 
-Robie Macauley 

"This is what the late war was like: this is how modern fighting of the organized, scientific type affects the mind."
-Ford Madox Ford, introduction of "Man Could Stand Up"

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