Sunday, September 14, 2014

Renovation Update...

For those of you who didn't know yet (because I haven't invited you in to lend me a helping hand - yet!), I am currently renovating my future apartment. Same adress, just one floor above. Hopefully I'll be able to move in by the end of the year... We've been re-constructing ever since the beginning of the year because we had to revolutionize pretty much everything. Now we're getting to part where floors/walls etc. are being done and interieur questions come up...

I've spend the last week with painting all rooms. Still one more to go...On Saturday my IKEA kitchen was delivered (I choose this one but with different elements and a black work disk)!

So here are some highlights of my weekend:
  • I'm allergic to the paint (obviously) I used for colouring the walls (only when on my skin... and I had it sprayed all over myself LOL) which resulted in some nasty skin irritation on arms and face including a swollen eye ;-)
  • Whenever I move, something hurts. Especially my arms and shoulders are sore... 
  • Developed 3 blisters on my right hand. I ignored the slight pain and take it as a sign of hard work^^
  • Yes, you can put together an IKEA kitchen all by yourself, but only if your sister and her bf are craftsmen geniuses! Had our private Tool Time session (without any incidents apart from me losing some screws on various occasions or falling over something on the floor...
  • No, going to IKEA on a bad-weather Saturday afternoon (because you need one thing to put the kitchen together) is the worst idea ever. All it did was to cost me a great deal of time and some nerves... 
  • Chocolate is essentiell for being successful! :-)
  • You know who your real friends are: they spend days with you painting and dragging stuff around, endure your various complaints (believe me, there were many!) and bring food and beer in the eveningto cheer you up and admire your achievements (and tools)! :-)
  • Yes, I did have fun!

No, I will NEVER EVER move again anywhere else. As much fun as the whole renovation thingie is, I won't do it again! EVER!

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