Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Le Inspiration...

I went to the Christmas market on Karlsplatz... They always have wonderful art and handicraft things there. Not quite cheap, but it's wonderful to stroll around and get some inspiration. I found this little market stand selling paper artwork.

Really beautiful things there. A lot of it made with Origami paper and prints of actresses - the likes of Audrey Hephurn, Romy Schneider and Marilyn Monroe. Or Maria Callas, as you can see on the photo. (Great choices by the way, I love all of them!) They were adorable. But 160 Euros for an A4-size image? Really? I know the technique they are using because I do that every year for the cookie boxes I give away as Christmas gifts (filled with home-made cookies, of course!). I do know that Origami paper (the real one) is not cheap either and that you have to charge for the working hours as well... but really?! That's slightly overprized. Besides, tell me who's going on a Christmas market with 200 Euros in his/her pocket?! Well... maybe I'm gonna try myself on one of these...

So... do you have any plans for handicraft for Christmas?

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