Tuesday, February 7, 2012

En Vogue...

Recycled wedding dresses... Just found this by chance on the lovely frankie magazine website. They have this swesome vintage section there... Love the dress and the hairstyle. And I've always thought that wearing your wedding dress only once is a bit of a waste... My best friend found her dress in a vintage store like that and it was absolutely perfect! We've both been a bit critical before but once she saw the dress, we were both convinced. 

Besides this picture makes me long for spring time - and warmer weather. It's like Siberia right now... (I know I've been complaining about not having winter before but right now it kinda sucks I always have to dress up like an Eskimo before leaving the house...)

And that hairstyle would be terrific for the ball on Friday night... but I think my hair still is not long enough for that...

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