Friday, June 17, 2011

Little Adults

There was an article in today's Schaufenster about the children of rich Russians. German-Russian photographer Anna Skladmann put together an illustrated book about them. She also told about those shootings. Those little people, how they arrangewd and staged themselves... or how their parents did. I think those photographs are beautiful and terrible at the same time. None of these children actually looks happy. I'm a spoiled kid myself but looking at those sad and unhappy faces, I am once again lucky for what I had and still have. Money alone can't buy you happiness. I think the most valuable thing in my life is my sister - a no money in the world could replaced that. >> read full article...

Little Adults by Anna Skladmann 
(112 pages, 43 coloured photographs)
Kehrer Verlag, 36 Euro.

 [ via DiePresse ]

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  1. these images are stunning, and the story behind them intriguing. thanks for sharing.


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