Wednesday, May 25, 2011

On the Bookshelf...

I suddenly realized that in those times of my life when I can hardly bear the stress anymore that goes with my daily routines, extra duties and emotional tensile tests, I start reading books like my life depends on them. I've been a bookworm ever since I could read. The fascination of the written word, the "cinema in your head", the way a story gives wings to your imagination... I could not and don't want to imagine a world - or my life in particular - without books. But as it turned out, the usual lack of (free) time which prevents me from swallowing all those fantastic tales and stories, seems to vanish when I'm emotionally and physically drained like right now... It's not that I actually have more time, it just happens to force itself into my life and into my mind... There's nothing like a good book that captivates you in such a way you just have to stay up until 4AM because you don't want to put it aside... even if your eyes are burning and your body is aching for sleep! Here's one such story...

The Solitude of Prime Numbers 
(La Solitudine dei Numeri Primi)

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It's amazing how Paolo Giordano makes you feel that deep connection between his characters due to their personal tragedies and their own shortcomings. The plain, sometimes almost cold and austere style, the simple words and terms, only hints of what has happend and might be happening, makes it alle the more "real" and tangible. It makes you feel their pain, physically and emotionally. It makes you wince because of the wrong decisions and their egoism. Their not understanding, or their inability to understand themselves and each other. It's a sad but beautiful story. No kitschy happy endings, no forced deceleration.It's about life, just like it is...

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