Friday, August 6, 2010

Journal de jardin...

So, after my sister has successfully killed my former basil plant I had to get a new one... I just love this spice and fresh one tastes so much better. I've been so proud of the plant, it has grown nicely. During my vacation absence of 2 weeks in July my sister first managed to wither the plant since she put it into an aluminium pot and then placed it on our dining room window where it got grilled from top to bottom and probably the other way round as well. After neglecting it for almost a week she not only watered but drowned it with the effect of mold growing within the pot. My poor little plant just couldn't take it anymore... and finally gave in! Rest in peace!

I bought a new one 2 days ago. It now has a nice place at one of the shady windows and a ceramic pot and I myself will supervise the watering.

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