Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Family Business...

So, last night my sister and I stayed over at my parents' place. The reason for that: my sister's name day (saint's day) - our Mom really loves to celebrate things like that. She made lasagne (okay, so I begged her to do that) and my sister's favourite cake (with pudding cand strawberries).

Just a few "hard" facts about that...
  1. My sister's name day is in March. I googled it a while ago though and found out that the official nameday for Janine (which is Hebrew for Johanna/Jane) is August 17 but never mind anyway...
  2. MY name day is August 8. I usually forget about it - every single year. Last year I remembered shortly before Christmas... speaking of priorities. hehe
  3. Mom didn't even think of mine until yesterday morning...

But hey... we had a nice family dinner and really funny evening. I can't remember the last time all 4 of us watched a movie on TV together - with the usual response of Mom, my sister and me: falling asleep in front of the TV! Luckily, our parents bought a new sofa (together with a matching armchair) last Christmas that's big enough for all of us! My sister and I argued about who's got the blanked first, naturally (we actually have 3 of them but the other 2 were put away in the cupboard and no one wanted to get up).

Oh, and of course Mom and I had to bug my sister about texting with her boyfriend for at least an hour. We had a lot of fun, she din't like it that much obviously. (And since we are sleeping right next to each other - only a thin wall in between - I know that she called him before going to sleep. I mean... they are going to see each other today (again). Can't be THAT hard to overcome being seperated for just a single day. He basicly lives at our place anyway - unless he's at work.)

Before drifting away us 3 ladies were loudly discussing the day - which still drives Dad crazy. We usually awake somewhere between 11 and 12PM only to move on into the real bed. Not before we had a real crazy toothpaste-fight in the bathroom. I had to laugh so hard I almost choked on a gulp of water! I guess Dad isn't used to so much action and entertainment anymore - he told me that next time we come over he's gonna move out into my apartment... LOL

Another thing about being "home" (with Mom and Dad)... I don't know when I went to bed so early the last time (okay so anything before 0:30AM is actually early for me). I forgot, though, that my old room's window faces a major street and quite obviously I'm not used to traffic noise at night anymore. Nevertheless, I'm quite well-rested today!

In my apartment my wiondow faces the backyard with the garden. There ARE other sounds, though. There are 3 other apartment blocks facing the same yard. I can tell what TV program my neighbours watch, when they are on the phone, arguing... or having sex! Not that I want to know, though... It's just hard to ignore.)

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